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Pharma Placement Program

This program has been tailored for those health-care providers that are looking forward to developing their career at the pharmaceutical industry. It has been designed for those young professionals that are going through their first experiences, as well as for those senior professionals that are looking for new horizons and are open to change.

The program aims to provide a clear map on how the pharmaceutical industry works, the opportunities it has to offer; and most important, to facilitate and prepare the candidate for the job placement process, from a very pragmatic perspective and taking into account their background.

The program consists in 3 appointments, each one of them, with very specific features and goals. 

The participant would be able to extend the program by adding extra appointments to specifically work out on any matter that could have come up during the working sessions.

Encounter 1

Profile and expectations

Encounter 2

Context and opportunities

Encounter 3

Action plan


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